Initial call with client to review the call agenda.

60-Minute consultation with our senior consultant(s).

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On-site facility visit with a Brighterside Project Manager.

BSVF Project Manager will assess the facility, complete site walkthrough with Client, and record all dimensions for equipment design.

2-Hour private meeting with client(s) to review facility goals & desired cultivation design.

Client will receive final vertical farming equipment, installation, and freight quote.

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*Non-Refundable Fee, travel included, up to $4,000 credited to purchase of equipment.



1-Hour meeting with client(s) to review desired goals, needs, & expectations

Brighterside will architect a preliminary plant workflow which dictates the Veg and Flower cultivation rooms dimensions. This plant workflow will also provide the amount of plants to be harvested in each room. All of these numbers will be calculated by the Client’s allotted plant count.

Brighterside will create a preliminary facility design that reflects the up to fifteen (15) flower room(s), five (5) veg room(s), one (1) trim room(s), and one (1) dry/curing room(s).

Client will receive final drawing for their racking equipment, final quote for racking equipment with installation and freight, bill of material for all ancillary products, and recommended general plant flow chart.

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* $6,500 Non-refundable fee deposit paid in advance may be credited to the purchase of a vertical racking equipment. Half of the balance due ($6,000) will be invoiced after the Discovery meeting with the Client’s team, terms net 30, and must be paid before the Preliminary Facility Design is provided. The final amount due ($6,000) will be invoiced when the layout has been approved by the Client, terms net 30, and must be paid before the Bill of Materials is provided.

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