Brighterside Vertical Farms


Production Analysis

Discovering your Production Analysis

One of the services Brighterside Vertical Farms offers is identifying per project cost analysis. We understand starting a new business can be extremely risky, but it can have large profit returns. We work directly with our clients to help establish risk levels within their project, profit margin potentials, and determine the true cost of the project at hand.

At Brighterside Vertical Farms we believe in establishing your Price per Gram. It’s no secret that most cultivators and businesses measure their success in ‘Pounds per Light’, but without establishing an exact production price, it’s hard to measure success or failure.

What is Price per Gram? Let’s talk Production Analysis.

Price per Gram is the bottomline of what it takes your facility to produce a gram of product. We factor in all expenses from labor, COGS, and operating expenses to get you the real cost of doing business.

Majority of facilities currently operate between $1.20 – $1.60 per gram of production. It is Brighterside Vertical Farms’ goal to get our customers between $0.30 – $.60 per gram of production.

Regardless of your style or growing technique, we can find a way to make your grow more efficient.  Whether your business is currently operating or you’re just starting out, Brighterside Vertical Farms can help you find your bottomline.