Brighterside Vertical Farms

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Agricultural Consulting

Brighterside Vertical Farms offers a wide range of consulting services for agricultural companies. Whether your company already exists or you’re just starting out, Brighterside Vertical Farms can provide you with a solid path towards success with our agricultural consulting. Brighterside Vertical Farms is always looking towards the future, whether it’s[…]

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Cultivation Techniques

Brighterside Vertical Farms was founded to help growers achieve better results in their garden.  Our passion for cultivating high quality product will always be the driving factor behind our business model. We teach techniques that give our customers real results.  Our cultivation techniques revolve around strong root growth, which in turn,[…]

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Production Analysis

Discovering your Production Analysis One of the services Brighterside Vertical Farms offers is identifying per project cost analysis. We understand starting a new business can be extremely risky, but it can have large profit returns. We work directly with our clients to help establish risk levels within their project, profit[…]

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Facility Design

Brighterside Vertical Farms can design your cultivation facility, retail storefront, or lab from the ground up. Whether you are renovating a location or building from scratch, Brighterside can provide the support from our in-house architects and engineers, or we can work closely with your team so you don’t miss a[…]

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Off-Grid Relocatable Structures

All RAS units are designed to be an all-in-one grow structure. Units feature HVAC, plumbing, Brighterside Vertical Rack, light proof rooms ready for flowering and vegging.

Available in 20' & 40' Shipping Containers and Relocatable buildings in 30' x 32' x 19'.

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