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New Jersey’s Road to Cannabis Legalization

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Cannabis Legalization New Jersey’s road to cannabis legalization has been steadily moving forward. In January 2010 the state passed the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act (CUMMA), which created New Jersey’s state medical marijuana program. Patients who are suffering from serious illness shall have access to medical marijuana provided by licensed caregiver centers ‘dispensaries’. While this program was a step in the right direction, marijuana advocates argued the Act …

Light Mover Grows Rack

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Grow room efficiency is as important as anything. Because of this, we should be smart with our grow equipment, absolutely. So, combining two brilliantly efficient concepts together into light mover grow racks makes sense. The grow racks give us serious space saving advantages, as can be seen with Brighterside Vertical Grow Racks . That grow equipment configuration obviously equals higher yields per square foot. And, the grow light movers give …

Press Release

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Brighterside Vertical Farms Named as Finalist for CNvest: Terps and Tech 2018 The Vertical Farming Company, Brighterside Vertical Farms, will present at the CNvest: Terps and Tech startup and investor conference in San Jose, on April 9 Steamboat Springs, CO – March 7, 2018 – Brighterside Vertical Farms [brighterside.com] has been named a finalist chosen to present at the CNvest: Terps and Tech cannabis industry startup and investor conference next month. …