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Brighterside Vertical Farms
Named as Finalist for CNvest: Terps and Tech 2018

The Vertical Farming Company, Brighterside Vertical Farms, will present at the CNvest: Terps and Tech startup and investor conference in San Jose, on April 9

Steamboat Springs, CO – March 7, 2018 – Brighterside Vertical Farms [] has been named a finalist chosen to present at the CNvest: Terps and Tech cannabis industry startup and investor conference next month. Brighterside Vertical Farms will pitch an audience of accredited investors and media at the CNvest: Terps and Tech 2018 conference, taking place at the Hilton San Jose on April 9. Investors in the audience will also select a company for the standout pitch, who will receive a $10,000 cash prize. 

“We’ve been studying the cannabis industry for over two decades, and we’ve developed systems that maximum space and efficiency like no other company can. Our team has worked so hard to be prepared for the opportunities that come to us moving forward in this next year, and the years ahead to help develop our company into everything we know if can be.” said Frank Haughton, Chief Executive Officer of Brighterside Vertical Farms.

CNvest entries were received from startups seeking funding located across North America, from Southern California to Eastern Canada. The sixteen CNvest finalists earned top scores on a set of criteria critical in determining both a company’s market and investment potential. Entries were analyzed by cannabis industry editors, reporters and influencers whose background make them uniquely qualified to uncover aspects of businesses that could help them thrive in the complex cannabis market.

“As a journalist covering the cannabis industry, I’m always scouting for new, innovative businesses that are solving real problems, and entrepreneurs in this space who have a vision and are driven to succeed,” said author of the book Start Your Own Cannabis Business and mainstream media cannabis reporter, Javier Hasse, one of the eight CNvest: Terps and Tech judges. “Being a part of the CNvest judging team has been an eye-opening experience and I look forward to seeing all the finalists further develop and present their pitches. I hope CNvest will play an important role in these sixteen companies’ financing and market success.”

Brighterside Vertical Farms designs, manufacturers, and installs vertical farming systems within North America.  Their patent pending vertical rack was specifically designed to tackle the rising problems within the cannabis industry. Brighterside has partnered with an ISO American steel manufacturer to deliver the strongest, safest product to our clients. Brighterside’s products range from systems to outfit your home basement to full industrial systems increasing your production by 400%.

Accredited investors wishing to attend can purchase tickets at:

About Brighterside Vertical Farms
Brighterside Vertical Farms is a leading innovator of state-of-the-art vertical farm solutions. With 20 years combined experience, plus the igniting passion of our founders, Brighterside is able to deliver a custom vertical rack system in all areas of cultivation.

We transform the the traditional garden by turning it up. The Brighterside Vertical Rack can keep you ahead of the curve, giving you more real estate in your existing space – whether mothers, clones, veg or bloom – we have a design to increase to your production. Brighterside Vertical Farms is the future of farming. For more information please visit

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About Canna Newswire and CNvest
CNvest™ is produced by Canna Newswire™, the cannabis industry’s platform for making news. The inaugural event, CNvest: Terps and Tech, is a cannabis science and technology startup and investment conference co-located with the Terpenes and Testing World Conference, April 9, 2018 in San Jose, California. CNvest’s mission is to become a leading platform for early stage cannabis startups seeking funding to network with cannabis investors and build their brands in the market. For more information visit

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