Brighterside Vertical Farms


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Agricultural Consulting

Brighterside Vertical Farms offers a wide range of consulting services for agricultural companies. Whether your company already exists or you’re just starting out, Brighterside Vertical Farms can provide you with a solid path towards success with our agricultural consulting.

Brighterside Vertical Farms is always looking towards the future, whether it’s rules and regulations or problems within the cultivation.  It is our goal to provide your company with the specific tools to recognize the symptoms before they become a hurdle.  Brighterside provides the experience you want and need on your team.

Agricultural Consulting Services Include:

  • Develop and Design Complete Operational Plan for Cultivation
  • Dispensing Operational Plan
  • Manufacturing Operational Plan i.e. BTO, Distillate, CO2
  • Pest and Microbial S.O.P.
  • Quality Control S.O.P.
  • Odor Mitigation Layout and Recommended Sourcing
  • Analyzing Customer Needs and Current Business Obstacles
  • Performance Analysis of Existing Companies
  • Assistance with Lease Terms between Owners and Cultivators
  • Product Profiling
  • Trend Analysis i.e. Strain Types, Price Fluctuations, Rules & Regulation
  • Facility Design
  • Production Analysis
  • Cultivation Techniques