Brighterside Vertical Farms


Cannabis Consulting

When Experience Matters

The cannabis industry is expanding at an exponential rate. Greater than half of the country has adopted laws supporting medical, recreational, or decriminalized cannabis.  In addition, hemp production and possession is legal nationwide. When it’s time to enter this industry, your next step should be with a company that has real experience and doesn’t believe in one style fits all. 

Our company was built from inside the grow – countless hours of cultivating, trying new techniques, experimenting with nutrient formulas, and creating efficient practices.  For the last 22 years, we’ve sat through planning commission meetings, fought at town hall meetings, changed laws, built grows, and created farm equipment from scratch.  It is this experience that has driven our company to always strive for success and deliver real results to our clients.

Whether your company already exists or you’re just staring out, our senior consultants can provide you with a solid path towards success that aligns with your company goals and expectations.

Cannabis Consulting Services Include:

  • Facility Audit
  • Professional Facility Design & Layout
  • Turn-Key Business Planning
  • Cultivation Design
  • Manufacturing Operational Plan i.e. BTO, Distillate, CO2
  • Equipment Sourcing
  • Assistance with Lease Terms between Owners and Cultivators
  • Product Profiling
  • Trend Analysis i.e. Strain Types, Price Fluctuations, Rules & Regulation
  • Industrial Hemp Genetic Sourcing