Brighterside Vertical Farms


Cultivation Design

Cultivation Design & Maximizing your Profit

Brighterside Vertical Farms was founded to help growers achieve better results in their garden.  Our passion for cultivating high-quality products will always be the driving factor behind our business model.

Brighterside will help establish your company goals, production expectations, and create a custom cultivation plan that satisfies all of your objectives. The cultivation is the heart of your business, and our goal is to design the most efficient cultivation plan that maximizes your investment.

From industrial-size production to hobby growers, every design is unique and carefully crafted for you.

Brighterside breaks down every cultivation design.

Operational plan can including equipment list and placement, soil mixes, propagation, production schedules and timeframe, pruning techniques, nutrient schedules and application, CO2 control, identifying fruit ripeness, harvesting, drying, curing, and trimming techniques. In addition, Brighterside will provide a production analysis with your operational plan.  We like to highlight the bottom-line, identify your efficiencies, and provide a stable business model with forecasted growth.

  1. Determine your cultivation methodology
  2. Choose your dry/cure style
  3. Finalize the facility equipment list & layout
  4. Write the cultivation & manufacturing flow