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Cultivation Techniques

Cultivation Techniques

Brighterside Vertical Farms was founded to help growers achieve better results in their garden.  Our passion for cultivating high quality product will always be the driving factor behind our business model.

We teach techniques that give our customers real results.  Our cultivation techniques revolve around strong root growth, which in turn, creates strong flowers. Brighterside Vertical Farms will concentrate on your complete cultivation cycle from seed to sale.  We believe in establishing the correct ratio of veg to flower. If you don’t have enough plants to feed your flower, you are not succeeding.

Cultivation Techniques

Brighterside breaks down every cultivation technique.

Operational plan can including equipment list and placement, soil mixes, propagation, production schedules and timeframe, pruning techniques, nutrient schedules and application, CO2 control, identifying fruit ripeness, harvesting, drying, curing, and trimming techniques. In addition, Brighterside will provide a production analysis with your operational plan.  We like to highlight the bottomline, identify your efficiencies, and provide a stable business model with forecasted growth.

Most of all, your company will be successful with Brighterside’s cultivation techniques.  

Brighterside Vertical Farms believes a properly organized assembly line that all employees can follow will bring your company success.  We can provide you with the manual on how to run your facility with maximize efficiency. While there are many different cultivation techniques, it’s about establishing your style and making it as efficient as possible.  Start here for great techniques.